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The New Business of Consulting
SKU: 9781119556909

Everything you ever wanted to know about consulting—a practical roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs

Are you thinking about starting your own consulting business? More and more people are entering the world of contract, freelance, and contingency work. The days of lifetime employment, regular salary increases, generous benefits, and full pensions upon retirement are largely a thing of the past. The dream of being your own boss and charting your own path is more attainable than ever for those willing to pursue their passion and to do the work they love.

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The New Consultant's Quick Start Guide
SKU: 9781119556930

An action plan for working as a consultant

Management consulting is a $250 billion industry and growing at a rate of over four percent annually. Many predict that more than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will soon be contingent, freelance, or consulting members of the workforce—making this book more relevant than ever.

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ATD's Action Guide to Talent Development
SKU: 9781949036220

Get Started Now. Take Action.
Staying ahead of change in the world, your organization, and your profession requires action. You learned a lot to launch your organization's talent development effort. As you position it for the future, what you need to know grows exponentially.

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ATD’s Foundations of Talent Development
SKU: 9781562868437

Your Talent Development Atlas

If you've been directing your organization's talent development effort during the last few years, you might think you're on a journey without a map. There are few published resources to guide you in a challenge that many experts promise will only become more urgent, and necessary, in the coming years.

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Starting a Talent Development Program

Foundational guidance you've been looking for

The best organizations recognize that no leader or employee can be expert in everything, but that everyone needs to be at their best if organizations are to be productive and successful. If your goal is to develop talent within your organization, this concise yet foundational book has the keys to success.

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SKU: 9781604916515

This book is for leaders and managers looking to develop themselves and others. It is for training & development professionals, inside or working as independent consultants, who can use the book as a coaching tool, a blueprint for leader development plans, and in other ways.
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The Art and Science of Training
SKU: 9781607280941

There are more similarities than differences between how artists and scientists work. Both ask countless questions. Both search in earnest for answers. Both are dedicated to reaching the best results. Not so different from today's trainers, are they?
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Change Management Training
SKU: 9781607280873

We need to change how we change.

Successful organizations are proactive about change and can turn obstacles into opportunities. Thus managing change―its constant barrage, faster pace, and complexity―has become a required skill for leaders, managers, and employees alike.

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New Supervisor Training
SKU: 978-1562869694

Prepare and establish new front-line leaders with training that develops essential supervisory skills. Investing in new supervisors increases productivity and organizational profitability, and it results in engaged, high-performing teams. Yet many new supervisors―the very people responsible for planning and organizing work in every organization―are often undertrained in the skills required to be a successful front-line leader.
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Training and Development For Dummies
SKU: 978-1119076339

Training and Development For Dummies gives you the tools you need to develop a strong and effective training and development program. Covering the latest in talent development, this informative guide addresses classroom, virtual, and blended learning to open up your options and help you design the program that's right for your company. You'll explore the different modes of formal learning, including social learning, m-learning, and MOOCs, and delve into the benefits and implementation of self-directed and informal learning.
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101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyond the Classroom
SKU: 9781118971987

Fresh, creative strategies guaranteed to enliven onlinetraining

101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyond the Classroomprovides proven, practical strategies, activities, and tips forthose tasked with facilitating training in any subject area amongalternative settings.

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The ASTD Leadership Handbook

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